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Section 4.14.3 of the Monterey Master Protective Covenants is amended as follows:
[Note: Section 4.14.2 is not amended. It is included to help owners review the amendment to Section 4.14.3]

4.14.2. No camper, motor home, truck, tractor, trailer, boat or other vehicle excepting only automobiles may be parked on any Parcel, except within a garage.

4.14.3. For purposes of this subsection, “automobile” shall include passenger vans and “Non-Commercial Pick-Up Trucks”. “Automobile” does not include any vehicle marked with a commercial sign or not having a good exterior appearance (for example, excessive body damage or rust). A Non-Commercial Pick-Up Truck is a pick-up truck that: (i) is used for the primary purpose of transportation of passengers and their personal goods (ii) does not have a carrying capacity that exceeds 3/4 tons (iii) does not have any visible racks, tools, debris or material (iv) does not exceed the manufacturer’s original height (“monster” trucks and other dimensional changes are prohibited) (v) is not enclosed above the cab roof line (vi) does not have bed boxes that are more than 6” above the truck’s bed height (vii) has a tailgate that is installed to enclose the truck’s bed (viii) does not have modified exhaust systems; and (ix) is not a dual wheel truck (“dually”). Notwithstanding the foregoing, a vehicle other than an Automobile may be otherwise parked on a Parcel only on a temporary basis. For these purposes, “temporary” will not include any of the following:

(a) Parking the vehicle on a Parcel for a period of time of more than twelve (12) consecutive hours; or

((b) Parking the vehicle on a Parcel on a regular or recurring basis even though not parked for a period of more than twelve (12) consecutive hours on any particular occasion, other than during the course of construction or repair of improvements on the Parcel; or

((c) Parking the vehicle on a Parcel overnight.

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