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April, 11, 2018
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Non-commercial Truck

As of today, non-commercial trucks are not allowed to park in driveways overnight.

With the changes occurring in consumer tastes, SUVs and trucks are expected to represent 80% of new vehicle sales by 2021. As trucks become a vehicle of choice for individuals we may want to consider changing the vehicle restrictions we currently have in the neighborhood. In addition, Naples tends to have numerous individuals that are in the construction or maintenance industry. What we are suggesting considers the esthetics that we all desire for the neighborhood with the needs of being practical on vehicles one may choose.  

The following are the suggested changes for the new truck amendment. A truck:

  • (i) is used for the primary purpose of transportation of passengers and their personal goods
  • (ii) does not have a carrying capacity that exceeds 3/4 tons. A 0.75-ton truck would be equivalent to a Ford F-250 maximum.
  • (iii) does not have any visible racks, tools, debris, or material
  • (iv) does not exceed the manufacturer’s original height (“monster” trucks and other dimensional changes are prohibited)
  • (v) is not enclosed above the cab roof line
  • (vi) does not have bed boxes that are more than 6” above the truck’s bed height (vii) has a tailgate that is installed to enclose the truck’s bed
  • (viii) does not have modified exhaust systems; and
  • (ix) is not a dual wheel truck (“dually”), four rear wheels.


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