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December, 04, 2017
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November 29, 2017 Update

Villages of Monterey

Village of Monterey Residents, the Board would like to update you on the following:

  1. Damage to Clubhouse during Thanksgiving
  2. FOBs
  3. Sports Court
  4. Fitness Center
  5. Preservation Vote
  6. Property Manager Evaluation

1) Damage to facility:

The good news is that we had the Grand Opening for the clubhouse, hopefully you were able to attend. The bad news is that we have had to shut down the facility during Thanksgiving weekend due to damage in fitness room and women’s bathroom. The broken mirror in the fitness center was caused by three non-resident boys with a skateboard. The boys were unaccompanied by a resident and came here to use our facilities. According to the front gate security guards, the boys were dropped off at the facility by a father who was on a resident’s guest list. Let me reiterate, the facilities are for residents and their accompanied guests only. Villages of Monterey is not open to the public. If someone enters as your guest and causes damage you are responsible, review your guest list! If you see people using our facilities unaccompanied by a resident, please inform the guard gate. Second, residents under the age of 16 should not be in the fitness nor game room unless accompanied by an adult. Third, no skateboards inside of facility. In addition, someone clogged up women’s bathroom toilet by putting a full roll into bowl and locked stall door from inside. Please have a discussion with your children about respecting the property. We have an impressive facility that will help our real estate values, lets all work together to protect our $3 million investment.

Over the next few weeks we will be tweaking the lighting control system, cable services and fitness equipment displays.

2) FOBs

FOBs will be available at Clubhouse Saturday Dec 2nd from 9-11am.

Until the FOBs are up and running the facilities will only be open daily based on availability of a Board member to be present, currently 8am to 2pm during weekdays and Wednesday evening 6pm to 8pm. On weekends we will be open from 8:30am till noon. We will update you on times for weekends if we can have someone on site for additional hours.

3) Sports Court

The final coating will be completed this week. Please remind children to stay off court until finished, December 4th. A special rubberized coating is being installed that will reduce impact to body joints. The final coat will be an Australian blue with gray outline and lane, should look very impressive. In addition, please do not lower basket height or hang on rims. We are going to lock baskets at 10ft. The backboards are $2500 each and the courts are under surveillance.

Futsal goals and pickle ball nets have arrived for sports court. Once courts are complete and we can install locks for equipment they will be available for use. Key will be at guard gate and will require an ID for key.

4) Fitness Center

Classes are now being held in the fitness center with the following schedule:

  • Monday 9am Yoga
  • Wednesday 9am Toning with Brazil
  • Wednesday 6:30 pm Zumba
  • Friday 10:30am Body Sculpt
  • Saturday 9am Yoga

Classes are free of charge until year-end. If demand for classes is strong enough the Board will vote to continue to have classes remain free or go to a $5-10 charge per class fee.

Ballet bar has arrived. It will be installed week of December 4th.

We will be adding one upright and one recumbent bike to fitness center from old equipment. Based on demand and usage the Board will consider upgrading to new equipment in future.

5) Why do we need a preservation vote, to be held December 4th at 6pm?

Villages of Monterey turns thirty years old in 2018. The following is an explanation of why we need a preservation vote.

Even though it has been in place for decades, many homeowner’s association directors are unaware of the requirements under the Florida Marketable Record Titles Act (MRTA) for HOAs to reaffirm and renew their covenants and restrictions 30 years after they were originally recorded in the local county records. MRTA was created to extinguish claims to property which are at least 30 years old in an effort to stabilize property law by clearing old defects from titles, limiting the period of record searches, and clearly defining marketability by extinguishing old interests of record. One of the unintended consequences of the Act is that the Declarations of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions recorded for HOAs may be set to expire after 30 years of the date which they were recorded. However, MRTA provides a specific process for HOAs to renew and preserve their covenants and restrictions in order to keep them in place after the 30-year term. Keep in mind that for most HOAs, if the residents are no longer compelled to act in accordance with the community’s declaration, the results could be catastrophic for the association’s administration and finances.

The statute requires that a “Notice to Preserve” must be filed in the public records of the county where the property is located prior to the expiration of the 30-year period. This Notice must be approved by at least two-thirds of the members of the board of directors, and the notice of the meeting regarding the ratification of the Notice to Preserve must be provided at least seven days prior using the statutorily required meeting notice procedures.

HOA declarations enable the associations to impose fees, file liens, collect assessments and implement other protocols that provide for the administration and financial viability of the community. It is imperative that HOAs preserve or revive and maintain their covenants and restrictions under MRTA in order to avoid potentially severe consequences, including the possibility of challenges by lot owners arguing that the covenants and restrictions with respect to their lot have been extinguished

6) Property Manager Review.

To ensure Villages of Monterey is receiving the best service for our money, the Board has determined that we should have an open contract evaluation. It has been numerous years since we have evaluated this very important service provided to the development. After the preservation vote on Monday evening starting at 6:30 we will hear presentations from three property management companies.