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Village of Monterey Residents

We are on the final leg of the Clubhouse renovation. We are waiting for final approval from inspectors to receive our Certificate of Occupancy (C.O.). In the interim, we have received a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) and are having furniture, furnishings and equipment placed into facility over next week. To receive the C.O. we must have:

a) ADA ramps in place
b) Parking lot striping completed
c) Signage in place

I know it is tempting to peer through the windows, and/or walk around pool but please refrain. If the inspectors see us using facility before its final approval it could delay our approval. Please be patient for a little while longer.

After the CO is obtained the other items to be completed are:

FOB entry equipment installed on doors and tied into main database. Each resident will receive two free FOBs at the grand opening day. Additional FOBs will be available at a cost to be determined. 

Sports Court: We need to wait for thirty days for base to settle on sports court before rubberized surface is installed. Lights and basketball equipment will be installed soon after. Please refrain from using sports court. 

Other Updates: Playground (Open for Use) and Tennis Courts should open by week of November 6th.

Playground: Open for use with adult supervision. We have a potential solution for shade structure. We are waiting for permit to be approved before we complete purchase and install. Most likely this will be 4-6 weeks out after permit is received. We will shut down playground during installation. After the shade structure is installed and fenced in we will re-open playground. 

Tennis Courts: We are told that clay should arrive by next Friday, October 27th. It will take several days for Don to repair courts for play. We are hoping sometime the week of November 6th to re-open.

A soon as playground is complete we will replace Tennis fencing and resurface courts. This will require us to shut down courts for 1-2 weeks. We will let you know when this will take place. We will not be able to wait till the off season as the level of clay is limited and several fence posts are damaged and need to be replaced asap. 

Grand Opening: Once we have our CO we will schedule a grand opening social and then have a Master Association Board meeting. The Villas will follow-up with a Board meeting followed by other neighborhoods. 

We appreciate your patience for another week or two. IRMA has really set us back as far as rescheduling contractors, inspectors, and furniture/furnishings/equipment vendors but the finish line is near.

Thank You,

Ron Santangelo, Steve Miller and Master Board of Directors